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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan , seamless efforts to eliminate structural raceisim from UK

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    Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan start a British black month and to eliminate racism vigorously. The couple claimed in an interview that they are very lucky for having Archie ( their 17 months old son) in their life

    Meghan and especially Harry said they have undergone an “awakening” about progress and the lack of it when it comes to race and equality matters. Meghan said she was unaware Britain celebrated Black History Month until she moved there to marry Harry in 2018.

    Harry said that white people don’t know how it feels like when you communicate with the world with different colored skin. They also added up in their conversation that they would use their authorities to discard this racism ill from young generation. moreover Meghan mentioned about the peaceful protest about “Black Lives Matter” .

    Courtesy : USA today

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