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Liz Truss ~ New prime minister Of the United Kingdom

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    Truss is the new female prime minister of the UK. She has won a Leadership contest, not the elections, and has succeeded Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative party. Truss won the most votes from the members of the party.

    She is the third female prime minister. All female prime ministers to date have been Conservative.

    Truss was born in Oxford, and her family shifted to Paisley in Scotland when she was four. Then they moved to Leeds and she joined the state secondary school. She has said her mother took her on marches protesting against nuclear weapons.

    After university, she worked as an economist for Shell and Cable & Wireless and married accountant Hugh O’Leary in 2000. The family lives in Thetford, Norfolk. Truss has two daughters, and she is 45 years old.

    She is a God-gifted democrat, when she was at the Oxford university she campaigned for the Lib Dems. And spoke in favor of eradicating the monarchy, at the party conference in 1994. She switched to the Conservatives while still at university.

    Liz truss has worked for three previous prime ministers. She was promoted by David Cameron to environment secretary and worked as justice secretary under Theresa May, and was eventually made foreign secretary by Boris Johnson in 2021.

    The new prime minister of the UK has mortgaged to start cutting taxes from day one.

    She got famous due to her speech before she entered the leadership contest. Many people knew her from a speech at the Tory Party Conference in 2014 where she enthusiastically promoted British cheese and pork.

    LONDON, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 05: New Conservative Party leader and incoming prime minister Liz Truss waves as she leaves Conservative Party Head

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