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How to get an online job and work from home

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    There are many platforms that offer you to work from home, from your own comfort of life. Moreover, there are many women that are not able to leave home and work outside, So fortunately there is a way for them to earn from their comfort zone.

    In this article, I will briefly explain a few authentic websites that I experience are fruitful. Before jumping into that topic there are some basic points that every person should know before starting work from

    Avoid scammers:

    Yes! it’s a fantasy for everyone to earn dollars easily and in order to fulfill that many people become victims of fraud companies outside. So it’s the most important thing that you should consider in your mind to avoid those ads or anything that use sugar-coated

    words and high-profit amount to you and let you see high dreams which will turn ultimately into nightmares. Any platform that asks you to invest money before starting any work, Leave them at a first stop because mostly they are fraud. Anyhow, we will move to the main topic of authentic websites.

    Here is the list of tested websites and to be honest we are not paid for advertising them.


    Fiver is one of the most famous and international platforms to earn dollars online. Yes, all you need to do is just log in to the website ake your account and your gigs. You can use the skills in which you have experience. many people do teaching on that and software engineers have many opportunities to earn. Here your skills and experience really work for you. Here is the brief procedure

    1. sign up
    2. You can join as a buyer and as a seller both ( a plus point)
    3. if you are joining as a buyer you will provide your service to the clients and you will earn according to the work you do
    4. Make your profile ( give your education, experience, interests, etc)
    5. make a brief description of your skills ( called Gig, where you can provide the desired rate of your services according to different categories )


    Upwork is also one of the tested online earning platforms. the procedure to become part of that is almost similar to Fiverr. Within this, u can find your job in less time and yes you can earn online from home

    P.S ( you can ask in the comments if you have any confusion in making your account at any step)


    last but not least youtube, Yes it’s true people earn millions by making vlogs on youtube. Even if you have the little qualifications you can earn millions. All you need to do is make your channel and post videos. The main tip for that, is you have to post your content daily on your channel. Staying in touch, and regular posting consistency and patience is the main key.

    WordPress blogging:

    You can earn money by making your own website on WordPress as well. If you have good writing skills, you can earn money online by blogging. Making a website is not a difficult task, you can do it easily at home. In addition to that, People can work for other websites as content writers also.

    P.S In this article, I mention very limited platforms. There are many other opportunities for you to earn. So keep striving for success and work hard with passion.

    Written by: Zareen Tariq.

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