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    It is reported in BBC news that despite having more than 200 vaccines against corona none of them prove to be a winning champ. researches from the Royal Society said that this vaccine would take a lot more time, might be possible a year, or more to go ahead.

    “A vaccine offers great hope for potentially ending the pandemic, but we do know that the history of vaccine development is littered with lots of failures,” said Dr. Fiona Culley, from the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College London.

    Researchers from UK are quite optimistic they claimed that vaccine would prove to be effective this year , but Royal society still stands on their point that it will take a long time .

    In this regard, so many questions are raised that, if the vaccine is not the holy grail then how could our children get the safety and the working men and women?

    Why the world get back to normal as per there is no evidence of global safety?

    Injecting vaccination to the world is quite difficult approach and this process is time taking all the researchers are still finding their best ways to deliver but the risk of getting disease is still on the heads.

    Courtesy BBC news.

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