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What actions Iran would take in this immense pressure?

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    A huge amount of pressure engenders day by day. Over the last four years, Donald Trump tried his best to devastate and also limit the progress between Iran and the US. Obama made progress among the two states but trump broke everything apart by ditching the nuclear deal. The nuclear deal was done between Iran and P5+1. Moreover, the American assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani in Iraq earlier this year brought both states dangerously close to conflict.

    After the killing of Iranian nuclear scientist. Worlds focus is again on Iran. Iran claims Israel for that. Moreover, Iran decided the resumptions of nuclear enrichment until European states give relief to the sanctions.

    The Iranian Government must deal with this situation with caution. As they are under immense pressure due to the killing of their scientist. the world is afraid of investing in it due to sanctions and in this case, if there is no investigation Iran will only give rise to its enemies. Moreover, they will accuse Tehran of establishing conflict in the international community

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