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Virulent Anti-Mask Movements on Facebook

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    Anti masks movements are still virulent in the USA despite the fact that President Trump got COVID positive, these movements are actively increasing on Facebook and people do protests on their civil rights. people claim that Mask is a hoax and it does not cause any prevention from spreading the virus, they strongly oppose wearing masks in a public area as the faces are not the public property that government forcefully induce the trend in public

    From August evidence of these movements on Facebook appear with the names “Anti mask group”, “Free Face Society” which have 5,400 members, “Say no to facemask” have 3.1k members. People say this mask is useless They also claim that wearing a mask does not protect from the virus and could do more harm than wearing one since the elections are near these movements are a threat to the government’s reputation. Facebook already banned such groups causing violations against Government.

    Anti-Mask protests in USA.

    Courtesy : USA Today

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