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    The most satisfying thing in our lives is to …make plans. But can we always be ready to fulfill our plans? the most common behavior of our youth like; I shall surely do this work after some time.

    ME going to manage my room .wait !let

    I check my cell is there any text from my group.?

    Gosh! Only one month left in my exams.

    Ok! I have to make a timetable. It helps me to complete my syllable.

    This all plannings sound good, but can it do so?

    All planning discussed above is called procrastinating.  It’s not laziness or dullness. but its types to delay the ongoing task or too busy doing any other nonserious issues. In simple words, we can say that procrastination is the act of unnecessarily postponing decisions or actions.

    Procrastination generally occurs as a result of a person’s inability to overcome their behavior.

    From a psychological perspective, the main driving force behind procrastination is short-term mood changes and weak willpower.

    This attitude become common in our society, especially among our youth.

    Procrastination is a widely prevalent phenomenon.

    Research indicates that approximately 20%of the adult population and around 50%of the student population procrastinate in a consistent and problematic manner.

    Furthermore, the number of people who procrastinate in general is even higher.

    And more alarming it become a universal human behavior.

    Almost everyone struggles with procrastination at some point, and we all want to be able to stop this attitude when that happens. However in, order to totally overcome our procrastination, it’s important to fully understand its first.

    Written by: Umee Tahore

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