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In South Korea 150, people were killed due to Halloween festive crowd

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    In the capital of South Korea Seoul, 150 people died. The incident happened due to the overcrowding of people for the Halloween festivities. According to higher authorities, 82 people are injured as well. During the panic, people were crushed under the feet of others and got severely injured. This turned out to be the Country’s worst disaster. Still, people are dying and the number of deaths is increasing.

    South Korea is searching for the answers, that “why this traumatic disaster occurred and what is the actual reason behind this?”. The authorities declared a national mourning period as they investigate about the chaotic incident.

    Since Covid restrictions are lifted tens of thousands of people in different costumes had poured into the popular nightlife neighborhood of Itaewon to enjoy South Korea’s first Halloween celebration.

    According to authorities, the dead included at least 19 foreign nationals, including people from Iran, Norway, China, and Uzbekistan.  Choi Seong-bum, chief of the Yongsan-gu Fire Department, said it was a “presumed stampede” and that many people fell, injuring at least 82.

    The people’s joy turned into grief on Sunday many victims’ families have gathered at a nearby center in Itaewon, where officials are compiling the names of the dead and missing as they race to identify bodies.

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