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For the first time ever a non binary , Muslim black women is elected as a Legislator in America

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    OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma Democrat elected Tuesday will make history as the first Muslim. In the Oklahoma Legislature and the first nonbinary legislator in America. 

    27 years old Mauree Turner elected as a legislator in Oklahoma city. She won the race with 88 votes in the house district and secondly she ill break the records of the statehouse.

    Turner took more than 71 percent of the votes in Oklahoma’s 88th congressional district, which includes Oklahoma City, beating out Republican candidate Kelly Barlean, a retired attorney.

    However she said it is hard to describe what she feels.

    “For me, this means a lot,” Turner said. “I have lived my whole life in the margins.”

    The LGBTQ Victory Fund said Turner is the first openly nonbinary person

    (whose gender is not specific) Elect as a state legislature. The newsgroup said that. There were only five openly LGBTQ officials which were elected and currently serving in Oklahoma,

    “Mauree Turner” The First muslim, non binary elected legislator in America

    Courtesy: USA today

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