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Britain issued an extreme weather warning

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    Europe is baking due to heat waves, southern Europe was battling wildfires but the heat wave continues to reach northern Europe. scientists say it is consistent with climate change and has pushed temperatures into the mid-40s Celsius more than 110 Fahrenheit in some regions. Wildfires raging across the tinder-dry countryside in Portugal, Spain, and France. Temperatures in some parts of southern Europe began to ease over the weekend for a short time period. After a period, thousands of firefighters across the region still battled to control hundreds of wildfires. Authorities said the risk of further blazes remained extremely high.

    On Monday, Spain was facing the eighth and last day of a more than week-long heat wave. More than 70,000 hectares have burnt in Spain so far this year. And the worst year of the last decade, according to official data. The coming emergencies will be taken in Belgium and Germany.

    Spokesperson Balazs Ujvari told a briefing that “We continue of course to monitor the situation during this unprecedented heatwave and will continue to mobilize support as needed,” He added, The EU was also providing satellite imagery to France.

    Britain was on course for its hottest day on record on Monday with temperatures forecast to hit 40 Celsius (Fahrenheit) for the first time. The government has initiated a “national emergency” alert as temperatures were forecast to surpass the 38.7C (102F) recorded in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden in 2019 on Monday and Tuesday.

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