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    Books are the major source of providing knowledge, improving reading skills, help us to dive outside the world. It also develops writing skills and boosts memory and intelligence efficiency. Books are important in various unexpected ways. It allows us to travel around the world without spending a single penny. it sharpens our minds and vast our vocabulary. Books are full of knowledge, wisdom, fun, happiness, and sorrows also.
    According to research, about 130 million books have been published in the history of humanity. books are our best companions whenever we feel grief they make us relax.
    Books are indeed more reliable.
    Books make our minds more healthy and relaxed and they also protect us from Alzheimer,s disease. it gives us Wisdom, solutions, new perspectives, and imaginations. It improves our confidence and our mental health and most importantly protects us from many problems and issues.
    The importance of books can never be ignored. Books are still more powerful in the ongoing world of social media.
    There is a solid reason behind it. the improvement of books still in the fastest world of social media is that books have an End but the screens don’t have, how long you scroll down and down it never ends and this thing increase anxiety.

    Written by: Umme Tahore

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