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Black Sheep in uniform settle the personal score

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    Extrajudicial killing engenders the killing of innocent people. Recently it is reported that 5 policemen killed two innocent citizens. On the name Encounter. Such law forcing institutes are not answerable for their supposed conduct and killing of Pakistani Citizens.

    The Hight court set aside the conviction of the policemen on Monday. The incident happened last year at Surjani Town, Karachi. Firstly they mentioned that there is inadequacy in the story. Secondly, they claimed that they killed men on the behalf of questioning under the cover of an Encounter.

    It is necessary for the administrations to control these black sheep in uniforms. One of the horrendous examples of this type of action occurred before. The Naseebullah Murder case. The murder done by cop Rao Anwar under the cover of an Encounter.

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